Network Solutions

Posix offers Linux and Cisco (inter/intra)network solutions such as:


1. Dial-on-demand Analogue or ISDN access to the Internet
2. Mail server for a local network (ETRN - etc)
3. File, Print and Backup (to tape) server
4. Firewalling a local Lan
5. (Virtual) Web server
6. Web Proxy server
7. Low cost NAT (Network Address Translation)
8. Network Monitoring Station
9. Automatic Internet backup services (ISDN)
10. Dedicated Leased line access (from 64k upwards)
11. Analogue Leased line access (from 28.8k upwards)
12. Cisco as well as Linux Firewalling
13. Automated database driven authentication
14. Access to various POP's around Africa