Becoming a reseller with Posix Systems couldn't be easier. There are no special forms that need filling in, or contracts that you need to sign.

If you are a web designer or programmer you will not be faced by competition from us, we do not design sites or do CGI scripting. The clients you place on Posix Systems are yours and, if you decide to move to another provider, they remain yours. With Posix Systems you need not worry about configuring servers or maintaining machines, you concentrate on building great websites and leave the hosting up to us.

How do I become a reseller?

Simple, when you register your first domain with Posix Systems, you will see a distinction between domains and clients. As a client, you own a domain, and can add multiple domains under your client account. Individual domains can then be managed by you or whomever you give the access to. This means that we bill you directly for the number of sites you have with us, you then bill your clients.

What benefits does it have for me?

By reselling Posix Systems hosting products you gain both through the convenience and financial aspects.

You can supply your clients a high-end hosting solutio n without the usual hassle. You merely add their domain unde r your account and it's up and running. If you host more than 10 sites with us, we will give you a 10% discount on all site hosting products and plug-ins you have purchased. When you host 25 sites, the discount you receive extends to 20% on all hosting products and plug-ins.