Company Dialup

A company dialup would almost certainly be an ISDN connection to the nearest Posix POP.

This option of Internet connection is perfect for the company that doesn't have the need to have permanent Internet connectivity, and wishes to use the Internet for mostly e-mail and the occasional www surfing. Much like the Home User, a company dialup would use the telephone system to connect to the internet.

Mail spooling can be set up, so that the servers at Posix, would accept e-mail destined for the client, and keep it in 1 (one) file. When the company is ready (this can be automated, depending on the needs of the client), a dialup connection would be made, and the mail would be downloaded. This option requires a mailserver on the client side. (Again, Linux is prefered for this type of operation)

Dial-On-Demand can be configured, so that whenever a client employee would need to surf the Internet, the server would dial out into Posix, connect up, and allow the user through. Once the user is done (depending on the time-out options), the server would then disconnect from Posix, saving expensive telephone accounts.