Posix Systems Peering

JINX - Johannesburg INternet eXchange - South Africa

IPv4 address at JINX:

IPv6 address at JINX: 2001:0478:0142::22

LIPEX - London Internet Providers EXchange - United Kingdom

IPv4 address at LIPEX:

IPv6 address at LIPEX: 2001:7F8:5::17C3:1

SISPA - Swaziland Peering Point - Swaziland

IPv4 address at SISPA:

DE-CIX - German Peering Point - Germany

IPv4 address at DE-CIX:

IPv6 address at DE-CIX: 2001:7F8::17C3:0:1

Posix Systems peering policy

1st July 2002 - Version 1.1


Posix Systems follows the ISPA default policy of exchanging traffic with all other participants on a no charge basis (ISPA was the first peering point that Posix joined).


Posix Systems does not have a formal peering contract but if needed, may sign such agreements.

Routing policy

Posix Systems prefers to use BGP V4 (Border Gateway Protocol) for the exchange of routing updates so peers should have their own ASN (Autonomous System Number) and IP Address space. BGP Sessions may be password protected.

The usual permissible minimum on routes is for '/24' routes - i.e. routed networks should be a minimum of a Class 'C' network.
For IPv6 routes, the minimum is a /48.

About ASN 6083

Posix Systems uses ASN 6083. 'Home' networks to this ASN are:

Note: is only routed from outside Southern Africa, but visible via international routes. is only routed in Southern Africa and not available overseas. It serves content restricted to Southern Africa.

Customer ASN's

Some customers of Posix route with their own ASN and IP Blocks

Route Registry and AS-MACRO's

AfriNIC (the African Registry) does not currently support a Routing Registry system. Posix Systems has thus registered various routing objects with RIPE. These include


All peering queries should be addressed to: